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The goal we wish to achieve.

TopModel, as well as the RISC OS operating system on which it runs, are ultra light but yet powerful software. This makes them a fast and nimble combination for light ARM boards, like Raspberry Pi. Our aim is to obtain, 3D CAD drawing abilities to be able to create and Print 3D without having to resort to expensive and difficult to maintain "heavy" software, which forces upgrades every year and dictates when you need to buy new hardware.

Not only do we wish to bring TopModel back to the RISC OS users, but to all who are looking for an ultra light worry free 3D environment ( without being used to spice the software boys as if it were a frequent recurring tax).


RISC OS is the ultra light super fast native operating system for "ARM processors". Therefore, when it is run on a Raspberry Pi, Panda, Pandora, Beagle board and so on, it leaves almost all the memory and processing power of the board free for the applications. This is unlike most operating systems. Even the so-called "Light versions" which still need huge amounts of memory and processing power just to "exist"... The "left overs" are usually for the application.

TopModel itself, like RISC OS, is mostly written in "machine code", and is therefore ultra light, super fast, modeling software, especially written for RISC OS. It only lacks a more CAD-like approach for those who really want to use it for design. This is the main goal of this project, getting it to work as CAD software, within the fast and easy to maintain RISC OS environment.

In the list below you can see the first basic upgrades and changes to be made, but there will be many more to come.

Development progress list;

- Setting up a Virtual RiscPC environment for development and testing purposes.
- Setting up a Raspberry Pi environment for testing purposes.
- Restoring the work environment to continue the development.
- Remembering and learning again how the source code of TopModel was built.
- Removing the copy protection from all parts of the program.

In progress
- Step by step getting the parts of TopModel to work on 32bit machines (Raspberry Pi, A9 Home, Beagleboard, PandaBoard).

To do
- Releasing TopModel to the public and following up the possible error reports and solving them.
- DXF to STL converter to enable 3D printing.
- Undo functionality with each step.
- A snap box to attach volumes to each other instead of aligning them.
- Clipping to cut parts from one shape out to the other.
- Fixed sizes in mm. Inches...
- Full screen mode
- Sizing tool to enable technical drawings from a design.

The TopModel team.

This is the TopModel team. A team of mainly volunteers who make the effort of investing their spare time. If you think you can be an added value to this team please contact us!

Paola Castagno
Main developer
Andrew Rawnsley
!Plingstore sales
Backup Programmer
Steve Royd Marker
Initiator and group coordinator
Beta tester
Jon Robinson
publishes articles, and helps out where he can.
Paul Van Dessel
Test volunteer 3D printing
STL files tests

Free download files

These files and applications are all meant for users of the RISC Operating System. They are offered for updating your own versions or to replace lost ones. Please note that these files and applications are also old versions and they are for free.

  TopModel 2.15 TopModel Main program | 13MB This is the main TopModel program.
It will enable you to create you own designs.
  TMviewer 1.05 TopModel Viewer | 180KB This program enables you to view TopModel files.
There are no abilities to edit.
  Models TopModel Models | 4MB This file holds several example models. To view in TMviewer or to edit in TopModel itself
  Gemini Genini programs | 1.4MB Gemini explanation Guide
  GeminiGE-1.13 Genini Module | 81KB This file contains the Genini Module itself.
  TMGerman German translation |392KB This file contains the German GUI translation. It will allow you to change the "on screen" language to German.

Has been known to work (well).

This list contains the setups which has been known to work (well). But fore some reason it sometimes does not work on the same machine setup with other people! Way TopModel does not work on a similar setup is still a mystery. Be aware, even when you get TopModel working it can still be unstable at times.

Two things TopModel must always have to work properly is !TopRes and !ChangeFSI. Keep these programs preferably in the same directory as TopModel it selves. If for some reason you have them stored elsewhere, make certain to add them to the - !Boot Look at - list! They need to be "seen" by the filer system so Topmodel can find them when needed.

Aemulor version
OS Version
TopModel version
26 bit
RISC OS 4.02
TopModel v 2.07
MacBook Pro
Virtual RISC PC
26 bit
4.39 (Kernel 6.80)
TopModel v 2.15
A9 - home
32 bit
Aemulor v 2.32
RISC OS Select
4.2 (Kernel 8.68)
TopModel v 2.15

TopModel logo
TopModel 3D CAD software, Airplane
TopModel 3D CAD software, STL Watch
TopModel 3D CAD software, Watch